New Years Cake Pops Decorations Ideas

new years cake pops decorations ideasEasy New Years Cake Pops Decorations Ideas

New Year’s is an event that happens every year and most people usually celebrate it with family and friends. Among the things that are mostly done during this time include making cake pops. If you want the cake pops to look beautiful, you will need to know how to decorate and display them.  This article, “New Years Cake Pops Decorations Ideas”, should steer you to some new years cake pops decorations ideas.

If you do not have your own cake pop stands, or you do not have enough time to craft your own, you can just use cute cups, decorative bowls, home décor glasses or porcelain vases and normal glass bowls. You just need to look for colored, decorative craft sand, fill it up halfway in the desired cups or bowls and then stick the cake pops in there.

If you want to display many cake pops at the New Year’s party, you need to make sure that they look beautiful. Using custom-made cake pop stands such as the ones mentioned above may not give you great results. You can therefore shop cake pop stands at your nearest supermarket or online. Acrylic stands can easily fit to any theme, so you can go for them.

For a cake pop stand that can hold very many cake pops, a multi-tier cake pop stand will be the perfect choice. This stand can hold a maximum of 52 cake pops and it looks really gorgeous once it has been set up. Wooden cake pop stands can also be a great way of displaying your cakes. You however need to find someone who knows how to make very beautiful stands.

When it comes to decorating the cake pops, you have a wide range of things you can do including making them look like swirling balls, glitter balls and so on.

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  1. Ann Abbitz says:

    I absolutely love the fact that these cake balls can turn out looking like the ball that will be dropping in Times Square! What a unique idea for party treats on New Years Eve. I can promise you that I will be having the little ones help me make a batch of these so we can enjoy them while watching the ball drop together! Thanks for sharing.

    There are a lot of good ideas for New Years Eve parties on Pizzazzerie’s profile on Pinterest too… You should see if she’ll pin this recipes for you!

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