How To Display Cake Pops

How To Display Cake PopsHow To Display Cake Pops Creatively

So you want to know how to Display Cake Pops in Creative Ways.

Cake pops are those spheres of sweetness and creativity that are attached to sticks. Bakers can make them into anything resembling a specific theme to brighten up a special occasion. The usual way that these are displayed sticking them into a slab of Styrofoam or into glass jars but there are more creative ways to display these to add to the atmosphere of the party.  Here’s a few ideas on how to display cake pops.

Trees and Topiaries

One unique way how to display cake pops is to create a wooden or Styrofoam tree (with about four to five graduating branches) and to stick the pops on the branches to make them look like fruit, leaves or bees. The design can be about three to five pops per branch placed on alternating sides or a bunch of four to five pops per end of the branch to look like a topiary.

The pops can also be made to look like a Christmas tree when displayed in a straight metal tube with holes on the sides or on a wooden stick with holes. The key is to arrange the pops in such a way that they graduate from longer to shorter sticks starting from the bottom.

The topiary look is not so unique anymore but still a favorite among many guests if it is placed in pots in the middle of each table to serve as a centerpiece. It helps if the pot is also decorated according to the theme of the party. Another version of the topiary centerpiece design for cake pops is to use three or more of them in each table in varying heights. The topiary design can also be used as a sort of star when it is hung from the ceiling securely at heights that can be reached by adults or even children.

People, Animals and Flower Pops

Cake pops can also be made to look like people or animals by adding a few creative touches. They can be made to look like babies by adding paper muffin cups around them to represent a hat or a ruffled bib. During weddings, they can also be dressed up to look like the bride and groom, with a top hat and a veil. They can be made into lions by adding a mane while they can also be made into tulips or any other flower by adding petals.

These are just a few of the many different creative ways how to display cake pops for any occasion. Be inspired to make creative displays for cake pops by observing nature and everyday people.


  1. Susan Kraft says:

    I love the idea of creating a wooden or Styrofoam structure to display cake pops. My nephew is very into racing, and as soon as I read that, I imagined creating a sort of race track straightaway out of Styrofoam, and then lining the track with cake pops decorated with the number of his favorite racer!
    Thank you for sharing this idea!
    You can check out WeAreDelish’s profile on Pinterest for similar ideas to this :)

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