How Do You Make Cake Pops

How To Make Cake PopsHow Do You Make Cake Pops?  Here’s How

So you want to know how do you make cake pops.  One of the best treats that children love are cake pops. Kids prefer cake pops to be served up during their birthday celebrations. Cake pops are not only for children but are also loved by even adults. It is a type of cake that is easy to prepare. It might be somewhat overwhelming however after you are used to preparing it, it will take just few minutes to prepare it. You only need to put all the ingredients required together and you will have the cake within no time.

Even though it is easy to prepare cake pops, there are other individuals who cannot prepare it and have been asking themselves the question: “How Do You Make Cake Pops?” In case you would like to prepare cake pops, then you can check online and get various recipes about how to prepare it. There are also other recipe books that you can buy from bookstores and shops with vital information on how to prepare cake pops.

So how do you make cake pops?  Let’s go over this nice cake recipe.

The following is a recipe for a Candy Melts Cake Pop:

Ingredients you will require include:


  1. i) Bake one 8×12 cake as per its package and allow it to cool on a rack. After it is cool, break the cake up and blend it with one can of frosting. Thereafter, refrigerate the blended mixture for a period of 15 minutes.
  2. ii) Remove the product formed from the fridge and then shape them into different bite-sized balls. All the balls should then be popped into sucker sticks and set all of them back into the fridge for 15 minutes.

iii) At this point, you should dissolve the chocolate bars or candy melts while the pops are still being kept in the refrigerator. There are other individuals who like candy melt since they generally come in various shades.

  1. iv) Remove the pops from your refrigerator after a period of 15 minutes. Dip each one of them onto the chocolate melts or candy melts.
  2. v) Put in the stick that is on Styrofoam blocks and then allow them to harden for some few minutes before you serve the delicious cake pops.

With the above recipe, you will be able to prepare cake pops that will definitely be loved by individuals of all ages including children. Follow the procedure and you will have your favorite sugary delight that will make your children grateful.

There you have it.  You no longer need to ask how do you make cake pops.  You can pass the recipe to the next person.



  1. Lucas McHale says:

    Hey there. I just left a comment on one of your other posts – the Halloween pops post – and I thought I’d let you know here that this is the page we used as a guide to make the cake pops for my grandson’s birthday party.
    The ‘destroy the cake’ step was a big hit with my littlest granddaughter – who helped us make the pops for her big brother. I had no idea these cake pops would be this simple to make.
    Thank you again for making his birthday that much brighter.
    Just as an FYI, here is another link that I found in my searching that addresses the ‘how to’ of cake pop making:

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