Halloween Cake Pop Decorating Ideas

Halloween Cake Pop Decorating IdeasHalloween Cake Pop Decorating Ideas You Can Do

There is no better treat for Halloween that Cake Pops and you will be happy to know that you can easily create many cake pops with a Halloween theme. Whether you are having a Halloween Party or you choose to give them to your trick or treaters you will find many great Halloween Cake pop decorating Ideas. Your guests or your little door knockers will love getting such a sweet treat from you.

Some simple Halloween Cake Pop decorating ideas are to make your Cake pops look like pumpkins by dipping them into orange candy melts. Use decorator icing to create the faces on your cake pops. You can make some scary as well as funny. Use a tad of green decorator icing on the top of your pumpkin to create the stem.

Create some skull Cake Pops that will be a huge it for Halloween by simply making your cake pop a little more oval. Dip the cake pop into white candy melts or even melted white chocolate chips and use black decorator icing to make the eyes, nose and mouths. This same shape can be used to create little ghost cake pops as well that are sure to be a hit. A mummy head can also be created using this shape and decorators icing will allow you to make what looks like bandages around the mummy’s head. A simple strip of black icing with two eyeballs in white will complete your little mummy.  These are my favorite halloween cake pop decorating ideas.

You must have a witch for your Halloween Cake Pops and making them is easier than you think. Coat your cake pops in green candy melts an then use decorator icing for your eyes, nose and mouth. Use black for the hair and a purple candy Kiss to create your witches hat. These are going to be a great hit because you have your Cake Pop with a piece of candy to top it off.

You may choose to not create characters for you Halloween gathering and go with an idea such as dipping your cake pops in melts such as orange, white and chocolate for a colorful variety. You can sprinkle them with Halloween sprinkles of orange and black or even some miniature orange, yellow and brown chocolate candy pieces. You can also use decorator icing to make cute squiggly lines, circles or any other pattern that you’d like for your cake pops. Let your imagination run wild and be creative.

I hope you enjoyed this article on some halloween cake pop decorating ideas.


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  1. Lucas McHale says:

    I’m not really big on baking and cake decorating, but I have to tell you that these Halloween themed pops definitely fit the bill for my grandson’s birthday party of all things.
    He is very much into the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, and we were able to tweak the look of the pumpkin pops just enough to resemble the main character from that movie for his birthday.
    They were a huge hit with him, so thank you very much for posting this.
    Some of the cakes on the following link are where we took the inspiration for a Jack cake & then transferred the design to your pops: http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/jack-skellington-cake.html

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