Cake Pops Sticks

Cake Pops SticksIt’s All About the Cake Pops Sticks

Cake pops sticks?  About as far back as anybody can remember, there has always been little clicks and trends that appear in pop culture and then disappear as quickly as they came in. It could be anything from a one hit wonder song, clothes, hairstyles or even technology. But as of late, it has been all about the food culture and what is cool within it.  As of late there has been a new kid on the block and that trend is none other than cake pops and, believe it or not, cake pops sticks.

Cake pops have emerged onto to the food scene at a dizzying pace, they are different, tasty and certainly fun. Especially in recent months, the presence of these delicious little indulgences couldn’t be more prominent. There might be a good chance that you may have tried them or at the very least heard of them because these little guys are that good.

Born Through a Blog

The cake pop was born into the world through the insightfulness of the blog “Bakerella”, who has already earned widespread acclaim for all the many different ways and frostings that this dessert can be created with. The true humble beginnings of the cake pop are still rather vague, what is known is that they were formed through the attempt to use leftover cake, merely to stave off wastefulness.

Another unique little tidbit is that they can be done and enjoyed in a variation of ways, simply because of their tiny and they have lollypop dimensions which would make them more appealing for all occasions such as formal parties and even weddings. Using cake pops in some of these various ways like with a wedding, they are used as a replacement for party favors or even replacing the grandaddy of them all, the wedding cake itself. There have been several people throughout the web who have mentioned them as a nice convenience for birthday celebrations at schools and they are really a great when little children are present and lastly, because they have a great knack to stay non-messy. Some of the more popular cake pops are the Mocha Pops, Strawberry Shortcake Pops and the traditional crowd pleaser, the Chocolate Cake Pops.

Benefits and Letdowns

Some of the great benefits of the cake pop is that they work as a great tool to cut down expenses, which is pretty obvious when you consider the price of a traditional wedding cake. Also, for calorie counters, the size ratio compared to a regular piece of cake are vast and with a little will power, it could be a less fattening treat. Some of the issues is that, when at a social gathering they tend to disappear quicker than anything else, simply by the look of them alone beckons curiosity. They also, because of the artistry that is applied to them, it can be a time consuming affair and a little frustrating for an item that will more than likely be eliminated about as quickly as it was presented. All in all, they are a wonderful and tasty pastime that people really enjoy.  But don’t underestimate the importance of the cake pops sticks if presentation is your goal.

Here to Stay

Cake pops sticks are undeniably fun and a great party item that will surely get at least a few smiles out of your guest.  Their presence intrigues, no doubt but all you can simply do is this, enjoy the moment, because for right now, the cake pop is here to stay.  Don’t forget the cake pops sticks.


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