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cake pops ideasCake Pops Ideas, Let’s Make Some Today

I was just recently looking for some new simple cake pops ideas when I came across this simple cake pops ideas and thought to share this with all.  Cake pops are basically a sweet treat which consists of cake that has been turned into a lollipop. Originally they were made famous-by Bakerella. The cake pops eventually ended-up in Starbucks & bakeries. Making your very own cake pop in your kitchen is a cinch & lots of fun too. Cake pops are great whimsical treats for parties, friends or/and children to snack-on. These cake pops ideas and decorations are easy to come up with and make, and since they don’t require using an oven, once you’ve your cake baked you may let the kids help. You can make cake pops using any of your favorite cake flavors & then decorate the cake pops anyway you wish so that the cake pops coordinate with the party theme or/and your favorite colors. I hope these cake pops ideas are to your liking.  Enjoy!

Things You Will Need:

-13 by 9 inch cake

-A can-of frosting

-A large bowl

-A spoon

-Baking sheet


-Lolli-pop sticks

-A freezer

Dark or white chocolate-candy discs

-A small bowl

-A microwave

-Some sprinkles

-A plate

-A polystyrene foam

Step 1:

Bake the 13 by 9 inch cake. Don’t frost the cake & allow it to completely cool before you proceed.

Step 2:

Crumble your cake into the bowl. Gradually add the frosting, while mixing it into your cake crumbs til you’ve incorporated your entire can.

Step 3:

Form that mixture into cake balls, a size you want & place onto the wax paper covered baking sheet.

Step 4:

Insert the lollipop sticks approximately halfway into the cake balls and cover the tray-of cake pops & place it inside your freezer for 1/2 hour so they can firm-up.

Step 5:

Place the white/dark chocolate discs inside the small bowl. Place that small bowl in your microwave & melt the discs. Then check the candy-coating often, while stirring discs so as to help all of them melt evenly. You can then remove the discs from your microwave after they’ve melted & are smooth.

Step 6:

Place sprinkles into a plate.

Step 7:

Dip the cake pops into your candy coating, covering-it completely. Let the extra/excess drip off-of the end.

Step 8:

Roll your cake pops in the sprinkles and then cover the whole cake pop with sprinkles, or just the top.

Step 9:

Place end of the lollipop stick inside the piece of polystyrene-foam so that the candy coating may harden without any damage.

Tips & Cake pops ideas

-Do not leave your cake pop in your freezer for too-long.

-Use candy melts so as to look professional, rather than normal cake frosting. The candy melts also come in many colors. The frosting has a clumpy-texture, and does not hold very well.

-Try making cake marble-cake so that it gives the swirl and other nice patterns inside

-You can add Crisco to dipping-chocolate so as to make it much more smooth. However, do not add Crisco to white chocolate. This may ruin it.

-Fancier versions may be made using culinary-paint & other cake decorations.

-Add salt on your chocolate coat. This might sound crazy but it is really not. Salt usually brings out the flavor in chocolate. (Not too-much salt though, just a little sprinkle)

-You can also add cornflakes.


  1. Rayna says:

    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. I loooove making cake pops and can send my sister here to get her started.

    One question – you recommend using candy melts instead of cake frosting. Do you mean on the inside or the outside? Are you mixing up the cake with candy melts? I hadn’t thought of that, but I bet it would be yummy and add crunchyness (which I’ve done with Rice Krispies before). But, before I try it, just want to be sure I’m going down the right path. How fun!

    • JoJo says:

      Hi Rayna,

      Thank you for the complement. The candy melts go on the outside and don’t forget that if you’re adding sprinkles, they must be added before the melts harden.

      Happy Poppin!

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