Cake Pop Frosting

Cake Pop FrostingCake Pop Frosting Ideas and Tips

There are various types of cake pop frosting.  When making cake pops, most of us get it all wrong during the decoration and dipping in chocolate stage. The first step in decoration is mounting your cake pops on a stick. You can use 4, 6 or 8 inch sticks. Dip the stick into melted chocolate (shouldn’t be too hot), put the cake pop on it, and allow the chocolate to set via putting it in your fridge. Do not dare skip this stage, as your cake pop will fall off the stick and remain in the melted chocolate.


Chilling the cake pops makes them crack if they get too cold. To curb this, allow the cake pop to gain some warmth for a few minutes after freezing it. Alternatively, dip the sticks into the chocolate and allow the chocolate to sit. Do a second dip and decorate. This way, the cracks in layer 1 are sealed. Sprinkles are also a smart way to hide the cracks after a second or eve third dip. If there are still cracks, well, you need not worry. Most cake pops aren’t perfect.  Even if there are cracks or inconsistencies with the shape you can easily cover those imperfections with cake pop frosting.


If the cake pops keep falling of the sticks, you probably skipped step 1. However, if you followed step 1 keenly, but still encounter this challenge, you can incorporate more tips: making smaller cake pops, dipping the sticks into the melted chocolate and removing them immediately, without twirling them around, and avoiding tapping the stick excessively hard in a bid to get rid of excess chocolate. You can also hold the cake pop until the chocolate sets.


For your sprinkles to stick, you can use paramount crystals, or slowly twirl the chocolate until it sets. You can then add the crystals- not too soon as they will slide off, or too long as they will not stick. Using lighter sprinkles will also help, for instance sugar crystals, sanding sugar, among many more. Avoid submerging cake pops in sprinkles. Instead, hold them over a bowl and sprinkle them on the cake pops.


All in all, cake pops are popular sugar treats, and the last thing you would want to do is disappoint people at a party when you go all wrong in your preparation.  Some times the main fault for cake pops falling off their sticks is too much cake pop frosting and they will keep falling off the sticks. You now have the techniques and types of frosting to use when making your cake pops. All you need to do is implement them, and watch everyone at the party enjoying your cake pops.

I hope you enjoyed this post about cake pop frosting ideas.


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