Cake Pop Decorating

Cake Pop Decorating ideasCake Pop Decorating Ideas – Specific for Teen Girls

Cake pops can be made into a variety of things suitable for the occasion they are made for. The beauty of pops is that they are small enough to ensure that there can be a variety of designs for each batch. Most teens love the idea of having cute and unique pops to decorate as well as eat during their special event.  Cake pop decorating ideas may soon be something of a habit for teen girls.

What’s Trending

You can use some cake pop decorating ideas from the current trends today for teens and young women. One of the more common and enduring trends is the animal print design. Cake pops can be adorned with zebra, tiger, leopard, turtle and giraffe patterns. Since these come in a variety of colors, they can present a splash of color and design for a centerpiece or a table décor for the buffet table.

Another trend that may be suitable for cake pops is celebrity faces. Teens have favorite celebrities that they idolize and cake pops can be made to look like these celebrities by accentuating a specific feature of the celebrity such as a tuft of hair, curls, a pony tail or a favorite hat that the celebrity usually likes to wear. Singers and boy bands’ cake pops can be made with a guitar or a microphone.

Some teens like a specific designer and the designer’s particular design can be integrated into the pops. Designer patterns like plaid, stripes and harlequin designs can be very interesting to see on the pops. In connection to designers, some of the older teenage girls may also like to have designer shoes on their pops as well as the logo of their favorite designer.

Other possible trends that can influence cake pop decorating are games, movies and TV shows. Many of the characters on these can be integrated into cake pops to make the party more memorable.

The Classics

In spite of the lure of what’s trending today, many teens might also like to stick to the classics when it comes to special events. A lot of girls love to have lace and roses for their theme while other might prefer the pearls and swirls designs that can be seen on many different pops. Polka dots and stripes can also create a classic and upper crust atmosphere that they might appreciate. More of the classic or basic designs that might appeal to teenage girls include, but are not limited to, stars, butterflies, flowers and glitter.

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