Best Cake Pop Recipe

best cake pop recipeBest Cake Pop Recipe to make with your Son or Daughter

Majority of children love sweet delicacies, so lets find that best cake pop recipe that they can enjoy preparing along with you.  Why do we consider the recipe below as the best cake pop recipe to make with kids?  Mainly because they enjoy eating almost everything that is sugary such as pastries, cakes, candies and gum. In case you kid has a birthday party then you need to make sure that the menu list has something that he or she loves most. Besides, you would wish to prepare a sweet recipe that every child would love. Therefore, you need to try preparing cake pops for birthday party of your child. Pop cakes appear like a lollipop however they are somehow bigger. You can opt to decorate the whole parts of the cake pop with various items for instance chopped nuts, flaked coconuts and candy sprinkles.

In case you are planning to prepare cake pops, there are various recipes that are available online. Nevertheless, this is the best cake pop recipe that you can try as it is simple and much easier to follow. It just takes about 30 minutes and produces great quality and tasty cake pops.

I feel the following recipe is the best cake pop recipe to make with kids.

Brownie Pops

Brownie Pops is a recipe for preparing cake pops within only about 15 minutes. Nevertheless, it needs many hours for refrigeration in order for you to set the cake pops and make sure that they are firmly held onto the stick. It is a good recipe as it is very easy and simple to prepare.

Ingredients required to prepare this recipe include:

  • A bag of candy sprinkles
  • A pan of baked brownies
  • A cup of chocolate frosting
  • One pound of candy coating that is chocolate flavored
  • Approximately 30 lollipop sticks


  1. i) Prepare a big baking sheet by placing aluminum foil or wax paper on it. Put it aside and prepare batter.
  2. ii) Using a large bowl put the brownies into it and then start crumbling the brownies. Ensure that you end up with very smooth brownie batter. You will then be required to add chocolate frosting onto it and blend it with crumbled brownies. Frosting will ensure that the mixture is very moist as it would assist you create balls very easily.

iii) Thereafter, add ball-shaped cakes in a baking sheet and leave it in the fridge for about 2 hours. In the meantime, add candy coating into a microwave container and pop the candy to allow it to completely melt.

  1. iv) You should start stirring the melted coat and submerge balls of cake pop. Completely cover every piece and roll the cake pops into a bowl containing candy sprinkles. Ensure that the coating is not dry in order for the candy to properly stick. Insert the lollipop stick onto each of the baked cake balls and put it into the refrigerator again and then serve it while cold.

Similar recipes can be found on many websites online. A good place to find other cake pop recipes are or

The above recipe is very simple and it involves some easy steps that can help you prepare tasty cake pops. We think with kids, it is the best cake pop recipe.

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  1. Emily Griffin says:

    I have to admit… I thought that making caking balls was going to be a bit more difficult!
    After reading your post about Baby Shower cake pops, I wanted to check out how exactly to make them… And voila! Here it is.
    I’m going to have my son help me make a bunch of these for my sister’s (his aunt’s) baby shower!
    Here is another step-by-step run through on the cake pop making process too:

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