Baby Shower Cake Pop Decorating Ideas

baby shower cake pop decorating ideasFun Baby Shower Cake Pop Decorating Ideas

If you are in need of baby shower cake pop decorating ideas for baby girls, you are in luck. There are a lot of ideas for decorating cake pops which can be tweaked to accommodate a baby shower.

Baby Faces

One of the most enduring ideas for a party for a baby girl is to make cake pops that are baby faces. While this is not a new idea, there are a variety of ways to make the idea new and eye catching. Baby face cake pops can be made cute and amusing by depicting the various moods of a baby, such as crying, a toothy smile, with a pacifier sleeping and many others. The round cake pops can also be decorated with a pink ribbon with a lick of hair, a ruffled bib or a bonnet.

You might also like to use a pink muffin liner with polka dots as a bonnet tied at the stick with a curly ribbon. The muffin liner can also be used to look like the baby face or head is wrapped with a receiving blanket. The liners can be cut to make the design more like a bib or a receiving blanket. The liners can also be made to look like flower petals or fondant icing can be designed to look like flower petals.

Baby Objects

A lot of the baby shower cake pop decorating ideas revolve around baby things such as balls, rattles, blocks and cute baby animals. There are a variety of balls that can be suitable for a baby girl such a tennis ball, volleyball and beach ball. Rattles can be one or two sided (like a barbell) and can be displayed on a shallow dish. The blocks are essentially cubes with different letters (many use the baby word on the blocks). Ducklings, owls and bears are among the many animals associated with babies. To make all of the objects and animals more in connection to a baby girl, they can be adorned with pink ribbons.

The Color Pink

The color pink is widely associated with baby girls so why shouldn’t baby shower cake pop decorating ideas not follow suit. The cake pops can be decorated with swirls, dots and lines of pink on white. Edible cake decorations can also be used to make the cake pops look festive. Dark pink decorations on a light pink base can be very attractive. Aside from the color pink, there are also other colors associated with baby girls, mainly pastel colors.

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  1. Emily Griffin says:

    Oh my god… These are so cute! I was looking for some new twists for sweets to being to my sister’s baby shower, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this idea!
    I especially like the idea of decorating the cake pops with tiny baby faces… Just awesome.
    By the way, I saw some other cute ideas while searching on this page: – You should check them out too!

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