Cake Pop Ideas

cake pop decorationsCake Pop Decorations Methods and Tips

Cake pop decorations are a fun, and you can develop your own creativity to come up with unique decorations. When decorating cake pops, there is a lot of room for creativity and improvisation. You can make your decorations to be very detailed or you can just leave them to be plain and simple. While decorating cake pops might seem like any easy task, it might be quite a challenge to achieve for some people. Here are some of the decorations methods and tips that can make it easy for you:

Cake pop decorations methods

There many methods you can use to make your cake pops look great. The key to making great decorations is learning how to make cake pops. From there, you can go on to decorate your pops with a lot of ease. Here are some of the most common cake pop decorations methods:

Covering with sprinkles

One of the best ways to decorate cake pops is to cover them with sprinkles. To do this, you just need to dip the pops in the candy of your choice and then do a second dip in sprinkles. Different sprinkles are available on the market, from jimmies, nonpareils to colored sugars. Cake pops colored in sprinkles are great for parties and they make an instant colorful treat for all your guests.

Dipping in melted candy

Dipping your pops in melted candy is another great way to decorate. Dipping helps to seal in the flavor, while moistening the surface for any other decorations you might want to add.

Pouring candy melts or thinned icing on the pops

Another easy way to decorate your cake pops is to pour melted candy or thinned icing on top of them. This gives your cake pops a smooth, nice surface, which you can also use for further decorations. For a glossier finish with the candy melts, you can try mixing them with whipping cream.

Cake pop decoration tips

Here are some tips you can use for easier cake pop decorations:

1) When using sprinkles or flakes to decorate your cake pops, ensure you place them on the pop before they harden. If you fail to do so, you should stick with your candy as a decoration, which is still lovely.

2) When decorating your pops with chocolate, make a small frosting bag using a polyethylene paper and cutting the bottom corner tip out. This will keep your decorations simple and easy.

3) Cake pops decorations dry a lot more quickly when the pops are chilled. To chill them, just pop them into a freezer for a few minutes.

4) When dipping your pops in candy, use a deep, narrow cup or container. This will help you avoid the need to keep on twirling the pops around for them to be covered.